Piano lessons in Vienna at the music school take place both individually and in a group. Aleksandra started singing at the age of five and playing piano at the age of 8. In parallel she learned solfeggio and music theory. During her high school years, she travelled and performed, as a member of Church Choir Branko, to Greece, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Palestine, Russia, Austria and Serbia. She had conducting classes and participated as a conductor on some occasions in Serbia and Bulgaria. 

From 2012, Aleksandra lives in Austria. She studied Music theory and Composition and Music theory pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz ”where she had singing lessons with Gerhard Kenda and piano lessons with Aris Feslikidis” and is currently studying Ethnomusicology MA at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. 

First teaching experiences, she gained with 16 when she started helping other students to prepare music theory exams. Aleksandra has been teaching music theory, piano and singing full time for a couple of years now. She combines the approach she learned in Serbia which is similar to Russian school and approach she learned at the pedagogy studies in Austria. What’s really important to her is to develop an individual study plan for every student and to introduce students to different musical styles. Her classes are a combination of classical repertoire, improvisation and general music theory and history. 

Beside teaching, Aleksandra is working as a choir conductor, singer and piano player in her jazz band.