Our music school in Vienna  consists of a team of young, ambitious and qualified musicians and music educators – trained at music universities in Vienna and abroad. Creativity, open-mindedness and professionalism guide us and are very important foundations for our work in giving instrumental and vocal lessons.


Our music school in Vienna offers inspiring instrumental and vocal lessons for all levels of development.

With pleasure we would come to your home for music lessons and we look forward to dive into the world of music in an atmosphere, which is already known and familiar to you.

Group lessons in the music school are a valuable opportunity to exchange and develop musically – because when you create music together, the music opens up to us in a very special way.

The teachers of our music school can draw from a broad musical repertoire – classical music, pop, rock, jazz, klezmer and more. –That way, we can respond to individual musical preferences very well.

The personal development of each student is very important to us.

In order to support young musicians, we offer a reduction in the tuition fees for children from low-income families after two semesters.

Opportunities to perform at the “Campanella Summer Academy”, preparing for auditions at music universities and international competitions complement our offer.


What our teachers are aiming for is to give each musician a bit more joy, independence and self-confidence, and by this means to encourage them to take up new challenges.

An instrument accompanies you a whole lifetime. We want to establish this link and on this basis help to develop individual musical skills.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage young musical talent and cultivate their love for music.

Many scientists and neurologists proved the positive effect that the creation of music has. The stimulation of emotional expressions, intelligence and language have been widely demonstrated.


  • Private lessons at your home save you time and energy
  • Financial support may be available for exceptionally gifted students
  • The combination of individual and group lessons is motivating and fun
  • Performances will be held throughout the semester and there will be a school concert at the end of the semester
  • We prepare our students for national and international competitions
  • We prepare our students for auditions at music university
  • Targeted tuition, provided by qualified and friendly music teachers





Musikschule in Wien