School regulations

• Concept and Place where the lessons are held

The Music School is giving regular lessons to the pupil four or five times a month at his home or at the School in cooperation with CreArte Musikfreunde Assoziation.

Currently, the following locations are available for the classrooms:

  1. VS Herzmanovsky-Orlando-Gasse 11, Wien-1210
  2. VS Oskar-Spiel-Gasse 3, Wien-1190
  3. VS Währinger Straße 43, Wien-1090
  4. VS Panaschgasse 6, Wien-1050
  5. VS Czerninplatz 3, Wien-1020
  6. VS Flotowgasse 25, Wien-1190
  7. VS Marktgasse 31-35, Wien-1090
  8. VS Neustiftgasse 98, Wien-1070
  9. Kaiserstarße 10, Wien-1070 ( KLAVIERgalerie.)
  10. Gisshueblerstrasse 21/4, 2371 Hinterbruehl (office)

At all events, the possibility may arise of holding lessons in the premises of other public or private schools.

• Offer

The lessons can be held as single lessons or partner lessons and they take 50-60 minutes per lesson. Every term the pupil will receive 14-20 lessons. These lessons are prepared especially for this pupil and his needs to develope his personal musical talents.
The pupil agrees to take regular lessons at least for one term (14-20 lessons)

• Cancelled lessons

If the pupil has to cancel his lesson because of important personal reasons or because of an illness, he has the chance to replace this lesson on another day on which he agrees with his teacher( Max 3 Time). The pupil can decide if he wants a single lesson, a partner lesson or a group lesson.
If the teacher has to cancel the lesson because of an illness, a concert or other important personal reasons, the Music School will send another teacher as a replacement for this special lesson. The pupil will know that in time to be prepared and there is no need to worry because all teachers have close contact to one another and to the Music School so there is a regular exchange of pedagogical concepts and ideas and therefore the teacher taking the lesson will be able to go on according to the pupil’s needs as the regular teacher would have done.
If the pupil is cancelling his lesson right on the day on which it should be held or if he doesn’t take his lesson without cancelling it before, there will be no replacement and the lesson has to be paid anyway.

• General rules for taking lessons

The lessons can only be taken under supervision of a parent, grandparent or au pair who is responsible for the pupil during the lessons. This regards every pupil minor than 16 years. On the one hand this rule was made for pedagogical reasons – the person supervising the lessons (parent, grandparent, …) has better possibilities to support the pupil if he or she knows what is done. On the other hand this rule was made out of responsibility from teacher to pupil. For children major to 10 years the supervising person can wait at the room next to the room where the lessons take place.
In rooms rented for lessons (if the lessons can’t be held at the pupil’s home), it is only possible to have 2 supervisors per pupil.

• Fees per term

The fee for the music lessons at home is 1200 € and at school is 700 € per term per pupil and has to be paid before the lessons are started. This can be done either for the whole term, or on a monthly base of 240 Euros or 140 Euros. In any case the fee has to be paid between the 1st and the 5th of the new month, either via online banking or with a pay per standing order. The pupil has to pay at least 20 lessons ( at school minimum 14 lessons.) no matter if he takes them or drops off after a few lessons.

• Special offer for families:

If two children of a similar age take the same lessons, they can visit their lesson together and in this case one term (20 lessons) cost EUR 2.000,-  for both children or EUR 400,- per month.

• Start of the lessons:

It is possible to start lessons any time.

• Dismissal:

During the term the pupil has no possibility to quit lessons. The teacher can be replaced up to three times during one term if the Music School regards this as necessary and important. The replacement can be made at the beginning of a new month and is done when the school regards it as necessary or when the pupil wishes to have a different teacher. In any case the Music School offers every pupil to get to know his teacher first before taking regular lessons. Any feedback through pupils or parents is welcome to hold and optimize the quality of our lessons.

• Instruments:

The teacher has to check the instrument of the pupil and to give his opinion if he regards this instrument as ready to use or if there is need to get a different instrument. The Music School is ready to help finding the ideal instrument if pupils wish this.

• Summer Academy

During July and August it is possible to take additional lessons in the following categories: Orchestra project, Ensemble project (Quartet, Duet, Trio, chamber music), Band project (popular music) or Choir. The Summer Academy offers 5 lessons and costs 749 € + 100 Euro for Registration per pupil.

• Further information:

Please clear administrative questions via phone or Email with the Music School (Secretary). The pupil is not allowed to make any private agreement with the teacher and pupil and parents must tell the Music School if the teacher tries to make a private agreement behind the back of the school.
Motivation and encouragement to make music are important for every pupil and so parents can help a lot if they encourage their children actively to do music and the Music School welcomes such personal motivation.
At the end of every term the Music School offers every pupil to perform in front of parents, friends and other pupils for his own pleasure and to show what he has learnt during the term. Such private concerts give the pupil self confidence and trust in his talents and therefore every pupil should be encouraged to perform in these private concerts.


CreArte Music Friends Assoziation

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Tel: +436603110032


Adress: Gisshueblerstrasse 21/4, 2371 Hinterbruehl (office)